Have you ever been rejected because you look a little different? Feeling alone because others do not understand what you’ve been through? If you’ve been through these feelings as a child, you can relate to Ollie.

Peculiar People is an excerpt from the life of Ollie, a character who looks like none other in his environment. Ollie is a friendly and happy little guy, but his desire to play with others during recess just isn’t reciprocated. After numerous attempts to connect with his classmates, Ollie’s day gets even worse when he is locked out at the end of recess.

Peculiar People is a story of acceptance, not from others, but learning to accept who you are, and what you are put on this earth to do. We all are a part of God’s plan. No matter what others may say, it’s what you believe, not anyone else. I believe this thoroughly and I am working to become what I believe I was put on this earth to do. Animate; telling stories that enlighten people and help draw them closer to God.